Buy Google Voice Account

Buy Google Voice Account

Do you want to get a breakthrough from using the hazard numeral numbers? Then google voice account is the perfect solution. It has all the good features of google voice PVA accounts, which can make a single number to use on several phones and eliminate the traditional landlines. 

A google voice account is used in personal life and gives a significant positive effect on business. By using this technology, you can easily skill up your business communication.

If you want to use a google voice account and know about it briefly, you are on the right page. Here you get all the essential facts that can help you to get a varied google voice account. Please read below to get a clear concept about it. 

What Is Google Voice Account?

Google voice account was founded in 2009. Google Voice account is a U.S. telephone number. That number is allowed to receive calls from other phone numbers. You can easily maintain all of your communication by making calls or text messages from the phone.

Why Should You Use It?

There are lots of reasons for using a google voice number. So, it's essential to know why you should use a google voice number. Here's a breakdown of eight useful reasons to use it.

  1. Get free numbers.

  2. Get the best voice mailing service.

  3. Receive calls from Gmail.

  4. Receive calls on the phone over wifi.
  5. Can text from any browser or phone.

  6. Improve your business communication.

  7. Secure communication system.

  8. Get voicemail with transcription.

Advantage of Buying a Google Voice Account

This account also provides so many benefits. There are-

  • They provided quality service.
  •  100% safe.
  • No logins are required.
  • Instant start without a drop.
  • Full Privacy.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Reasonable price Service.
  • 60% male and 40% female used accounts.
  • And much more advantage.

Features of Google Voice Accounts

This service comes with lots of advanced features for its users. All features allow user secure communication below some top features of google voice given to its users.

  • Google voice provides free voice calls. Then you can save your small business phone calls bills. 
  • It offers a free phone number in the USA or Canada. You can choose your choice able number.
  • It allows unlimited free calls & messages with any wifi connection. 
  • You can record calls and download them without any cost. 
  • It also has a voice called the transcription function.
  • You can forward and block spam calls.
  • By directly Gmail login, you can call your google voice account.
  • It allows you to attend four conference calls together.

How to Buy a Google Voice Number?

As you know before, everyone can easily access this service for their personal and business purposes to save money and time. In this service, you will get calls, text messages, and voicemails together. Here are some easy steps that you can get a google voice number.

1. Go to the Site ""

For getting a Google voice number, you should log in to the "" website. After login follows the below instruction.

2. Browse the Area Codes

Google offers you to select your area code. Sometimes Google shows some nearest area codes, or sometimes you should enter your area code. If your living and business area code is different, you have to select your business area code.

3. Choose a Google Voice Number

After choosing the area code, you will need to choose the phone number you want for Google's voice.

4.Verify Your Phone Number

Now time to verify your real number. You can not skip this step. Because without it, you cannot get any Google voice number. Follow the verification procedure.

Click on the "verify" button.

  • Enter your real number to link up your google voice account number.
  • Press on the "send code" button.
  • You will receive a code via message.
  • Enter the six digits code and click on the "verify" button.
  • Now your account is ready for use.
  • You can enjoy local calls for free.
  • But making an international call, you have to pay.

How to Use a Google Voice Number?

If you think it is very hard to use, then you are wrong. A google voice number comes with the latest feature, and also easy to use an ordinary number. When you want to call someone, then go to calls and dial the number. You can also send the text message and voicemail through a google voice number. To use this service, you have to connect with the internet or wifi.

How to set up Google Voice on Your Mobile?

Setting up this service on a mobile device is most easy. You have to follow up on those steps.

Step 1: At first have to download the google voice app from your play store. And open the app.

Step 2: Select one google account that you will like to attach a voice number and press the "continue" button.

Step 3: For selecting a google voice number, tap the "Search" button. And enter your zip code. Tap the green color button "select."

Step 4: Enter the existing phone number that you want to connect with your google voice number.

Step 5: Now, time to verify. As we told you before, you have to put a code text on your phone. Finally, tap "claim" for confirmation and tap "Finish" for completing the setup procedure.

Is Google Voice Account Free or Paid? 

It is absolutely a free service to sign up for creating local communication. You can communicate with other U.S. numbers through calls and text messages. But when you need to make calls internationally, then you have to pay for this service. However, you have to pay a couple of cents per minute. 


How to Buy a Google Voice Number if I Am Not a U.s. Citizen?

It is possible to buy a google voice number if you are not a U.S. citizen. We can help you to get a U.S. google voice number. Then you can easily log in from anywhere.

Check out here our service Google voice service.

How to Buy a Google Voice Number Without a Mobile?

As we said before, you can log in to the "google voice" site on your web version. To access it, you can use your laptop or desktop.

Final thoughts

We hope you get a clear concept about the google voice account. And this article will help you to buy a google voice number. You can easily use it. 

When someone calls you, it will listen to the ringing. Then you see the caller's name. And you see four different options. Those are sent to voicemail, answer the call, go to live, answer, and record the call. You can choose any one that you want.

Overall, buy a verified google voice number and enjoy its advanced features. It will provide a good effect on your personal and professional communication.

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