Affiliate Program with a Blog Website

Affiliate Program with a Blog Website

Affiliate marketing is the most improvising and astonishing phenomenon nowadays and an affiliate program with a blog website is profitable enough in the long run. Plenty of marketers and digital analyzers, eCommerce businesses, marketplaces, and prominent companies have simple or complex affiliate programs including all privileges. Blogging is the easiest version to reach every door in the cyber world or web surfers. Every day, tons of people crawl into search engines to know simple or complex information. Here we’ll show the procedures and strategies for an affiliate program with a blog website. Let’s get started!

Requirements for a Blog Website

A blog website is a simple documentary site that can be both static or dynamic. Static websites aren’t that efficient and not that ranked by the search engine. Dynamic websites reign all the arena of the cyber world and the best dynamic platform is the WordPress websites. Apart from static websites, we focus on dynamic and a dynamic site requires the following items-

  • A legal/authorized clean domain.
  • Faster hosting from web hosting companies.
  • Search engine indexing.
  • A cPanel access after domain & hosting.
  • Catchy, keyword researched title or niche.
  • Proper tools for smart blogging.

There are lots of legal domains in the world like .com, .org, .net, .edu, .xyz and so many. Most of the sites are tagged with a .com domain mostly. However, the majority of domain authorization companies provide this .com domain to their clients. For a blogger, we prefer .com, .xyz, .info, and .net domains.

Hosting means certain storage that is dedicated to a client monthly or yearly. Lots of prominent IT companies and hosting industries are worldwide to provide hosting as well as domains. For example, and are the topmost domain and hosting companies in the world. Usually, all hosting spots have some dedicated plans like half-yearly or yearly at an affordable price. You can grab the package anytime.

Search engine indexing means our familiar SERP techniques while an SEO expert works with it. The most familiar search engines are- Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Facebook and Instagram have search options and a lot of people crawl into those sites for searching topics and groups. A blogger should write for his/her audiences and web crawlers. The more views on a blogger’s post, the more insights he/she will get.

A cPanel is a technical thing or soft-based server access for a user. When anyone purchases or pursue a domain/hosting from hosting companies, the company provides an access to their cPanel (control panel). Here a blogger can install external dynamic software like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and so on. For bloggers who want to make a good career in blogging, he/she must need WordPress for flexibility.

Keyword research is a time-consuming topic for every niche or blog. It takes time to research the base keywords or topics for any niche. You can apply organic researched keywords or tool-based keywords.

WordPress for Bloggers

For smart bloggers who love writing all the way and content management systems, WordPress has no alternatives. The key features of wordpress are-

  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • No need high-quality or high-definition pc or laptop.
  • Mobile-friendly, easy to log in, and blog post.
  • Best for plugins and add-ons, built-in tools, themes, etc.
  • You can decorate, modify, edit, and re-edit anytime.

Wordpress websites have two different domains such as and where both accounts are available for users. Recently, made its site more flexible and comfy for bloggers to create any type of niche site and post there as well. This feature made pretty classy and sensational. Alternatively, is advanced for some bloggers. Mostly this one is used for web designers and developers.

If you search “wordpress free website maker” on the google search engine, it will bring you the corresponding wordpress page as the image here. See the image where we mark “free” with a red curved line.

Wordpress is an open-source platform where you can install lots of special effects without knowing any technical background. You need not be a pro programmer or computer expert. Even kids nowadays use wordpress sites for their technical web career. The special effects you can install on your site are called plugins. Tons of enthusiastic plugins are developed by top-class developers and programmers every day. Plugins make a site interactive and user-friendly as well as appealing.

All wordpress sites have some built-in plugins like the classic editor and Akismet anti-spam. However, you can get a lot of free and paid plugins to draw more focus from audiences.

What is Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is the most revolutionary feature for the last decade. It is a kind of marketing or promoting program where you have to canvass some products for sale. Due to this compelling market where every day lots of jovial products are coming, an affiliate program is a supreme method to earn and marketing parallel. Many websites and large marketplaces offer affiliate programs to people. 

Almost every affiliation program is free to register and once approved, you can write blogs from their certain products. The most spectacular affiliate program is Amazon affiliation. Amazon is the largest marketplace or eseller in the world. Top-quality product manufacturers and resellers sell or upload their products to Amazon. Amazon web services work on that product by initiating a description, features, specifications, and other particulars. As a result, everyone can see a product page instantly they search for it.

How it Works

Every affiliate program has some different percentage rates for diverse products. Usually, these rates differ merely from one another. For instance, Amazon and eBay have the same affiliation rates excluding local taxes. Affiliation is an amount of sold product price. If you write about a product on your page, people read that and supposedly they buy it by clicking. Once they buy the product, you’ll get a percentage of 3-8% of the net price. For example, if a smart LED TV from Samsung is sold with $500 from Amazon via your blog review, you’ll get $500 x 5% = $25 into your approved account.

Even if a client or customer read your product description, visit the link you provide, and buy another one from Amazon; you’ll get the corresponding rate as well. The main purpose of these affiliate programs is to sell products by any means. So, they will provide accurate portions to affiliates.

How to Affiliate with a Blog Website

Content is the king- everyone cannot write though. Writing is a skill and creative thoughts from a human brain, so a carpenter can’t write and a writer can’t be a good carpenter. What I mean is, blogging is tough for everyone who doesn’t know about marketing or techniques. Because as soon as he/she learn the strategy, the old strategy renews frequently.

To affiliate with a blog website, you need an affiliate account from Amazon or eBay, or any other affiliate program. Recently, amazon provides the best rates so people love here to be an amazon affiliate. Remarkably, our smart writers select classy niches to write product reviews. Without a review, it is tough to decide on purchases. To finish a perfect affiliate blog site, just follow the rules below-

  • Create an affiliate account with exact, authentic documents.
  • Submit every particular and wait for the verification mail.
  • Once verified, log in to the affiliate account and make sure of getting an affiliate toolbar like the figure here.

  • Go to your wordpress site and add a new post or product review.

  • After editing the post with proper hyperlinks and affiliate links, you publish the post and view it for later upgradation.
  • Check the SEO rules or optimize the site for better insights. Better contact any SEO expert or digital marketers for nimble support.
  • Ensure proper method of the income statement or bank statement while drawing the money. Since this is a digital transfer, there might be a huge problem if you provide any sort of wrong information or hazy images.

Final Words

An affiliate program with a blog website is profitable as we mentioned earlier because a lot of people are depending on this nowadays. Since this is a part of digital marketing, numerous digital marketers work on blogging or niche blogging for monetary earnings. Later we’ll discuss more details on digital marketing, web development, UX/UI design, and SEO techniques. Stay connected with us. Happy blogging



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